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Synergy Solutions Better Wash Chemistry is Based on Advanced Polymer Technology

Synergy Solutions manufactures a comprehensive line of car wash chemicals, specializing in polymer-based and non-corrosive products  to achieve superior results using less product.

While commonly corrosive traditional detergents clean by attacking dirt, which can damage the vehicle surface, Synergy Solutions’ non-caustic based detergents lift dirt away from the surface using a molecular chain to attract dirt up to the polymer and then encapsulate it, so dirt is not redeposited.  The result: easy rinsing to leave a clean and shiny surface.

advanced polymer solutions

to Use Advanced Polymer Solutions

  1. No acid needed to neutralize surface of the car and clean the vehicle
  2. Does not positively charge the car surface
  3. Encapsulates dirt to prevent redepositing dirt back onto car surface
  4. One-step cleaning offers enhanced drying, rinsing and incredible shine
  5. Safe on equipment (reduce replacing O-rings, check valves, foot valves)
  6. Reduced dwell time
  7. DOT-approved non-corrosive
  8. Save on shipping costs
  9. No offensive chemical smell
  10. Heating polymers not required

We do more than sell chemicals.
We provide solutions.