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Wheel Tire Cleaner - Synergy Solutions

What Makes Synergy Solutions Wheel-Tire Cleaner Superior: Polymer Technology

  • Cleaning ability—highly effective in cleaning all types of wheel and tire surfaces.
  • Safe—may be used safely due to the non-corrosive nature of product.
  • Cost-efficient—high dilution ratio. Lower shipping costs due to being non-corrosive.
  • Available in self-serve—offered in pine fragrance along with a green color.

“HC” indicates a product from the High Concentrate Product Line

Red Snapper HC —Highly concentrated, non-corrosive product for cleaning all types of wheels (including chrome, aluminum, and magnesium) and whitewall tires. Safely removes brake dust and makes whitewalls white again. Simply spray on and rinse off.

Brite-n-White HC—Non-corrosive wheel-tire cleaner for use in self-serve applications specially designed for air injected foaming systems with green color and fresh pine scent.

Brite-n-White Powder—A powdered wheel-tire cleaner that economically removes road film from whitewalls – safe on whitewalls and wheels.

Wheely Clean – Non-corrosive, economical wheel cleaner

Krystal Klean – Low pH, non-corrosive presoak wheel cleaner