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Synergy Solutions Advanced Polymer Technology

The Synergy Advantage:
Advanced Polymer Technology

The “secret” Synergy Advantage is science: our Advanced Polymer Technology makes Synergy Solutions proprietary formulations perform better and faster than the competition. The difference is visible and lasting.

Cleaner, Shinier, Faster Drying

Unlike traditional detergents, which are commonly corrosive, and which clean by attacking and damaging the vehicle surface, Synergy Solutions’ non-caustic based detergents instead utilize a molecular chain to attract dirt up to the polymer, effectively lifting dirt away from the surface. The dirt is then encapsulated to allow for easy rinsing, leaving the surface clean and shiny. Our spray protectants and drying agents produce unsurpassed shine and drying capabilities.

Our Complete Line of Polymer-Based Products is DOT Classified Non-Corrosive and Non-Caustic

Synergy Solutions offers the most comprehensive line of environmentally friendly car wash chemicals on the car wash market today. With with 100% of our on-line products DOT classified as non-corrosive and non-caustic,”, Synergy Solutions products are safer for vehicles, customers, employees and the environment.

Synergy Solutions Provides
State of the Art Service, Solutions & Satisfaction – Guaranteed!

Synergy Solutions’ mission to offer a higher level of products and services to the car wash industry.

Synergy Solutions brings comprehensive capabilities and first-hand experience to understanding every aspect of a car wash operator’s challenges and needs.

  • Experience – three decades of blending car wash products
  • Service – accountable to thousands of car wash operators, including national oil accounts
  • Ownership – with its own full-service, exterior, touchless automatics and self-serve car washes, Synergy Solutions is uniquely positioned to realize the car wash operator’s day-to-day needs for efficiency, economy and reliability

Our experience starts from the time we develop the formulation to the time a car rolls off the customer’s lot.

Synergy Solutions knows a balanced chemical system produces cleaner, drier and shinier cars, while reducing overall chemicals costs. Our professional team can evaluate the specific conditions present at your wash, including:

  • Equipment
  • Water Quality
  • Chemicals Recommendations

Evaluating opportunities is the important first step to achieving the best results for every car wash facility.

We develop all of our proprietary formulations at an on-site laboratory. We test every product batch and retain samples of all shipped product.

All of Synergy Solutions’ chemicals are of the highest quality, manufactured to strict quality control standards, so you can be confident of the consistency in every drum we supply.

We offer our product line at extremely competitive pricing, affording the car wash operator the opportunity to buy the best for less.